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       Throughout this website we might be using:

             *The name YAHSHUA in place of the name of JESUS;

             *The name YAHWEH in place of the title of LORD;

             *The title ELOHIM in place of the title of GOD;

         *The title RUACH HAKODESH for the title of HOLY SPIRIT;

             *The title SCRIPTURES (Greek) for the title BIBLE;

             * The title BRIT CHADASHA for the title of NEW TESTAMENT;

             *The title TANACH for the title of OLD TESTAMENT;

             *The title TORAH for the FIRST FIVE BOOKS of the

              OLD TESTAMENT aka The Books of Moses.           


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   A  M

The ancient Roman Empire and the Romanized

form  of  the  Church  worked  together  to

separate Christians from their Hebraic Roots

which seemed to be too Jewish for them,

but in the process threw  the baby out  with

the  bath water. Too  much  has  been  lost

and it’s high time to  “… earnestly contend

for  the faith which was once delivered

unto the saints.  For  there   are   certain 

men crept in unawares, who were  before  of

old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly

men, turning  the  grace  of  our  God  into

lasciviousness (i.e-unbridled lust & excess)  

...”   - Jude 1:3 & 4 [KJV].  So  leave  your

western   mentality   behind   and   come

along with us to explore the Roots of your

Christian faith from a Hebraic Perspective!



Text Box: Welcome to the home page of Madison Hebrew Roots Fellowship! Glad you stopped by. As an assembly of believers who try to follow all of the scriptures from Genesis to Revelations, we do so from a Hebraic Perspective as a ministry of Overcomer’s Church, Inc. We are accountable to the Elder Board of Messianic Covenant Community. We invite you to come and learn to use the Hebrew Names of the Heavenly father,     His Son, and the Holy Spirit in worship, conversation and study. Many of the Seven Appointed Times or Feasts of Yahweh are mentioned throughout parts of the New Testament and it is impossible to fully understand what you are reading until you have studied and kept the feasts for a couple  of years. After   that the New Testament scriptures start fitting together better because the writers of the New Testament      and the early church kept the feasts and the Sabbath Day. Hebraic practices were later sanitized from Christian practice by Gentile church leaders who felt distain towards Jews and things that seemed to be    too Jewish. They did this through Replacement Theology, Anti-Semitism, and Persecution, but were not     able to pull this off until AFTER the last of the 12 apostles, who could have defended the truth, had died.                        

10:00 am
1 Taunton Circle
Madison, WI
First timers should call 
to make sure that the 
schedule has not changed:
John & Ida Carlin  

(608) 721-3121   ►  OUT TEMPORARILY
Home Phone ► (608) 271-4795                                  

Shabbat (Sabbath) Service will occur as scheduled:  10AM on Saturday, 10-18-14

Technically the Sabbath day starts at sundown on Friday and continues until sundown on Saturday as does all of the creator’s days (Genesis 1:5).

The past affiliation of the Carlins is Pentecostal. In early ministry they used to travel and minister as Gospel Singers in a strong Pentecostal Denomination where John was licensed as an Evangelist. They still love to worship with live music, and enjoy the presence of Yahweh in corporate praise! If you live in Dane County, WI and are curious about the Hebrew Roots of your Christian Faith, don’t hesitate to call or schedule a visit so we can discuss these things. Children are welcome, but we do not have childcare staff.
                  LET’S GET AQUAINTED!                                        

You can’t be under the law,  
when the law is written within you!
Jeremiah 31:31-33

At  ‘Madison Hebrew Roots Fellowship’  of Madison, WI  we like  to  refer to  ourselves  as a ‘Messianic  Congregation’  for Messianic Fellowship in Madison, WI rather than a Messianic Synagogue. There is not much difference between the words  “Messiah”  and  “Christ”  or  “Christian”  and  “Messianic“, but words and definitions  based  upon  the Hebrew language  are  less  contaminated than westernized ones. Our songs and conversations reflect Hebrew names for titles and names like  God,  Jesus,  and  Holy Spirit.  We have found the joy of discovering many of the scriptural insights which are only visible when looking at them from a Hebraic point of  view,  …  things  that  have  been   hidden  from   our  western minds because of cultural differences. Evenso  we  still maintain the  parts  of  our  former Sunday-Church  backgrounds  which  have  been found to be scriptural. We  are  also  doing  our best  to  keep the COMMANDMENTS  of  the  TORAH (Law) which is defined  as  “Directions”,  “Guidelines”  or  “Instructions” in the Strongs Concordance of the Holy Bible when the Hebrew Word that the word “Law” in the Old Testament is based upon is investigated. We do this in obedience to  the clear  commands  to  keep  “God’s Commandments”  listed in  the  Brit Chadasha  (New Testament) of the Bible. You could call this “the Hebrew Roots awakening”, but someone has suggested that “The Christian Roots Awakening” is a better name since we are discovering our Christian Roots which happen to be Hebrew.

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