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The best way for a new person to get in touch with the Hebrew Roots of your faith is to attend one of our Shabbat (Sabbath) Services on Saturday morning at 10:30 am. Another entry point of fellowship would be to attend one of the annual Feasts or Biblical Holidays or Moedim (i.e.-Appointed Times). The spring or fall feasts are a great time to jump on board. For more information about our upcoming events and activities, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


                                    WSW Building
                                    6501 Watts Road, Suite 157 (First Level)

                                    Madison, WI 53719

                                    Note: Use 18-step entrance in back parking lot


            DATE:            Saturday, March 27, 2021


            TIME:             5:30 pm until 7:30 pm


            DETAILED TIMES:

                                   5:30 pm - Seating at the Passover Tables and Welcome

                                    5:45 pm - Passover Seder Service

                                    7:30 pm - Dismissal / Refreshments


►We will not have a regular Shabbat service on this day.◄

►Note: We will not be having a meal, so eat dinner before you come.◄


PLEASE RSVP by March 21 via email to Ida Carlin at External link opens in new tab or windowMadHebRoots@aol.com so that we can purchase enough supplies and set up enough place settings for everyone (# of adults and # children).


The week of Unleavened Bread runs from sunset on Saturday, March 27* until sunset on Saturday, April 3. According to Leviticus Chapter 23, the first and last days of this week of unleavened bread are both set-apart (holy) convocations (assemblies) or Annual High Sabbaths which require no secular work or physical work. Additionally, the Torah advises us to avoid leavened (raised) bread for the entire week. 

*We realize there are other calendars that may start on a slightly different date…we are using calendars from Mark Biltz with El Shaddai Ministries.