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Here is a list of sources to further your learning. Though we do not necessarily agree with everything these websites, writers or teachers teach, they do a have a lot of good information. We advise that you learn how to eat the fish and throw the bones away with the help of the Ruach HaKodesh and verification in the scriptures. We would not direct you to a website or material that had an extremely large ratio of error in it as opposed to the good in it unless we warned you first. You can also find some videos of many of these people teaching on websites like Youtube.


	Lex Meyer @                        and   see his eye opening videos on youtube
	David Bowling @  
	Bible Sabbath Assoc. @ 
	Richard Rives @ 
	Yah-Tube (videos) @            
	119 Ministries @   or
	Jim Staley @  		     
	Michael Rood @  		    

Bill Cloud @  		    or   Shoreshim Ministries
Bradford Scott @ 
Rico Cortes @ 
Jackson Snyder @       
Monte Judah @   or   Lion and Lamb Ministries.  
Avi Ben Mordechai @   
Apostle Bailey @      

Alliance of Redeemed Israel @  		(for accountability & a sense of belonging)
Messianic Covenant Community @		(for accountability & a sense of belonging)
Eliyah @                          (for finding fellowship locally or online)


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For Entry Level Discipleship Studies, or Ivestigative Curiosity:
	Everyone should read the “Walk in the Light”  Series of about 11 Paperback books by Todd D. Bennett
		•   We recommend starting with these 5 in the following order:
				Book Title > Names
				Book Title > The SAbbath
				Book Title > The Law and Grace
				Book Title > Pagan Holidays
				Book Title > Appointed Times
				Book Title > Kosher
		•   You can find some of these on eBay, Amazon, and three other places but the cheapest is 
		•   Also this book by Michael Rood:
				Book Title > The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed
		•   Also this book by Dr. Richard Booker:
				Book Title > Torah: Law or Grace
					Some people think that Law and Grace are opposites which replace each other. Because 					of this they think that we are now in the “Age of Grace” in the New Testament  						which makes the law and all the writings in the Old Testament (i.e.-Tanach) 							obsolete. However the truth is that they have always operated side by side in							complete harmony through the entire bible. Even “Noah found Grace in the Eyes of						THE LORD” way back in the Old Testament long before Yeshua died for our sins and 						confirmed the New Covenant. Dr. Richard Booker, on Page 7 & 8 of his book “Torah: 						Law or Grace?” states “In the Hebrew Scriptures, hen and hesed are translated into 						English by familiar words ‘grace,’ ‘lovingkindness’, and ‘mercy’. … The English word ‘						grace’ is found in the Hebrew Scriptures 38 times. We learn in Genesis, ‘But Noah 						found Grace in the eyes of the LORD’ (Genesis 6:8). Our English word ‘lovingkindness’ 					is mentioned 26 times. … Hesed is most often translated by the English word ‘mercy,’ 					which is used 205 times in the Hebrew Scriptures. … Grace and mercy work together as 					God’s unmerited favor…”. The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible give 						additional information on the subject. The New Testament English word “Grace” 						which is defined as “Favor” is a word called “Charis” [strongs #5485]  in the Greek 						copies of the text, where it is found about 126 times. The Old Testament side shows 					the Hebrew word “Chen” or “Hen” appearing in the original Hebrew Text up to about 
					66 times, but it appears in our English version bibles as “Favor” as well as “Grace”. 						To make a contrast between how much Grace is found in the Old Testament Scriptures 					verses the New Testament Scriptures we can add up the various occurances of the 						word Grace in the Old Testament based on the testimony of Dr. Richard Booker. 
					When taken together (Grace/38 times + Lovingkindness/26 times + Mercy/205 times)						they add up to about 269 times that Favourish Grace is mentioned in the Old 							Testament. When we subtract the approximate 126 times that Favorish Grace is 						mentioned in the New Testament from the 269 times that Favorish Grace is 							mentioned in the Old Testament we find that, this Grace or otherwise known as 						“Unmerited Favor” in todays modern Christian Culture was mentioned at least 143 						times more often in the Old Testament than in the New Testament.  In fact the 						Animal Sacrifices in the Old Testament were an act of Grace which offered second 						chances or a fresh start after sinful offenses against the Commandments of God.

For MOre Advanced Studies:
	Those who want to go back to the original language of Hebrew for the sake of accuracy, or want to be able 	to discover major bible translation errors due to our reliance on Greek Texts and Definitions instead of 	Hebrew.
			These books should be read in the order presented below:
			•   Book Title > Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus  By David Bivin & Roy Blizzard, Jr.
			•   Book Title > Lost in Translation By John Klein & Adam Spears
			•   Book Title > The Tanakh: The Dictionary of The New Testament  By Bradford Scott
			•   Book Title > Inspiration Authority and Canonicity  By Daniel Botkin
			•   Book Title > The Ghost of Marcion  By Daniel Botkin
			•   Book Title > His Name Is One  By Jeff A. Benner
			•   Book Title > New Testament Greek to Hebrew Dictionary  By Jeff A. Benner


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